Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Listen you brutes of Earth and Sea.
Prepare for harvest.

Beyond the pulsing Dog Star,
we come bearing gifts in accursed chariots
propelled by calamari hatched from octopod membranes.
Amid the Vector tapestry we crunch numbers and conspire.
We are Skrull Civilization of mass expansion and Starro is our Master.

You will know of our presence by three signs.
First, you will absorb the sacred geometry of pyramids and megaliths.
You will assemble secret Castles from Coral kingdoms.
We will mutilate your cattle with surgical abandon.
For this, you will be baffled and curious.
Last, you will consume apples of all kinds
and submit your pledge to Moloch’s fruit.

These are the signs of Disclosure.
Mysteries will invade the canopy of Pi,
and, like ants, crawl upon fragile societies.
And from blood and wreckage the Age of Aquarius will emerge,
echoing the long lost thunders of returning Vimanas.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Meanwhile on Saturn..."

Whale Pod

They risk their lives exploring space beyond space.  They've unlocked the secret alchemy of  Kirby particles. Yet, Nth metal is beyond their grasp.  Their blow holes pierce the membrane world to breathe in His Dark Materials.  They seek the closure of space-time.  And we can only speak to them in dream-time.  

Cetacean.  Kosmos.  Brahman.  Ad infinitum.