Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meanwhile, on Saturn...


They are known as Wormhole monkeys
Astral navigators,
Superparticle highwaymen.
They are Angels with dirty faces,
Dancing Wu Li Masters,
Spacecore Whalers
Herding Event Horizons past Cosmic Countries,

Through the Gates Perilous
Through Science Fictitious...

Work in progress.


eyekaps said...

damn dude! Nice use of the atomic symbol

Keath007 said...

The more I look at this, the more I'm convinced this is the most badass thing I've seen all week

EL GRANDE said...

Wonderful title. That should be a title for a novel or something. I like the image very much too. Great mix of drawing and digital imagery.

joe y elio

Serg.S said...

New book?

Haha How you been Mike?

You need to stop by

Post some of your work there! Im trying to get this forum going and see if i can get some of your guys to post there..

Hope to see ya.