Friday, March 30, 2007



Even I don't know what to make of this.
Birdman... on Mars.


dan szilagyi said...

your work is simply awesome man! please keep it up.
on mars or where ever!

eyekaps said...

I dig the bird flying by... its like a little moment of peace in the midst of all the rage.

Q7D2 said...

I Love your work. Very Expressive and free. With moments of control and focus.

mposis said...

damn, you guys explain my work better than i can.

muchos gracias for visiting. really appreciate it.


400lb Ninja said...

What r you doing?!?! The Madman from Mars is grindin' again I see-Nice bro

allen said...

This stuff is fantastic! You need to make a movie with these characters!

Art by Serg said...

Yo Mike..

Hows it going? What you been up to?
Got some new stuff up looking sweet..
Whens the next book out? i want one!

Got a new blog goin stop by.. will be updating it..

&Rew said...

aces. good use of the ol' clipbird.
cool style. i just went through all the posts on this site and the progression is rilly interesting to see. ¿where you goin next?


Adapse said...

Your work is fantastic. I admire you very very much.
I See you!!^^