Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Anatomy of a Black Hole.


Work in progress. Intestines courtesy of Gray's Anatomy images (public domain).



400lb Ninja said...

DOOD the graphic scribble mixed with the rendered thing is the balance man-This is HOTNESS!!!!

mposis said...

I am the herald to the First Son of Galactopus.

I am Uzumaki and Pi.
I am Nas.

this is how i bus.
einstein is wrong.

this is how i bus.
that grey poupon.

upwerds, homey
dis be mickey.

khaki cocky cokey

peace, audi.

carlos_881672 said...

ur stuff is so great. im glad i added u to my favorites :D

eyekaps said...

I feel high just looking at it. nice one!!!

dankit said...

einstein is wrong

mposis said...

and eye am right.

FENTON said...

there are a few peps I wish only text could come out of there mouths!