Sunday, March 26, 2006

Behold! Dyooood.


The Anti-Life Equation
has been hacked by the one-eyed Mentat...
...of Mars.

“aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd...i'm going to telepathically kill you riiight..NOW!!!

you should be dead. asshole.”

-jome (email assassin)


Kelson said...

So on a whim I put in "Steampunk Assassin" into Sproogle and wind up...on Mars. Hooray! For some reason, Entropy here fits the mood of the time zone I'm in and I wanted to take the time to say "Neeto" and I look forward to perusing the rest of Mars. And Saturn, by the looks of it.

mposis said...

thanks for the kind words.

curious. what time zone are you in?