Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Old Martian nursery rhyme.


Efrosyni, Efrosyni, Efrosyni.  
Payed no heed to wise old granny.  
Made fun of the witch that lived in the gully.  
Was cursed, not once, but thrice too many.  
With fugly feet, a wing and taily.  
Was born a lefty, now a righty.  
The ears, however, are naturali.  
Efrosyni, Efrosyni, Efrosyni.


This sketch was from an earlier work-in-progress post. I won't go in to detail but a few changes were made. I'll leave it up to you to hunt down the old pic and see the tweaks for yourself. But I say stick a fork in this beyatch. It's done, more or less.

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