Wednesday, January 05, 2005



For my cousins- Kevin in Vegas, Ray in Sydney, and Ram in Okinawa. Yeah, I got cousins EVERYWHERE.

Almost done. Just need to finish up the scimitar. Sharpen up some soft edges and a bit more to tighten up the skull. That should be it... Unless I get the urge to add more crap.

There's a little bit of me in that face and posture. Didn't notice until now. Goes to show what the subconscious can do. A teacher once told me that artists tend to project themselves into their piece. I think it's vanity. But my teacher literally meant people can physically project themselves in their artwork and travel to a two-dimensional state with less complexity. They live in a reality where there is no perception of a third. A simple world with two-dimensional problems.

Right then and there I knew my art teacher "smoked."

So there I am, two-dimensional and simple...Sporting a big scimitar and cowboy boots.

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