Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Do not disturb.

For my cousin Bobbie.

Her name is Candle. She's from Mars. Not the Mars you think you know. It's not the planet Mars favored by science teachers and astronomy books. It's a younger, petulant Mars awaiting the coming of a second moon. A place that mixes childhood imagination and a mad king's hallucination. Mars, the fourth world from the Sun.

Candle is a Princess, though she doesn't act like one, second in line to the throne of Pax Ares. She was born with a special charm, a gift bestowed upon Candle by her one-eyed godmother. Her kiss can put dragons to sleep... and sometimes into coma. Clueless ducks who cross her path be warned. Candle likes kicking ducks, just because.

Candle swears Martian Summers are fun because they last twice as long.

Imagine that...Summers twice as long.

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