Wednesday, December 29, 2004


There's an urban myth that braces for your teeth can tune into radio-waves. The metal in the braces act like receivers. You could hear radio broadcasts coming out of people's heads. Which led to conspiracy theories about the braces being tools for mind control. The voices they hear are nothing more than foreign agents whispering dirty secrets and breaking seals. Then a deer came to mind. What if deer antler could trap fruit-waves. Apples bring acid tides and sour frequencies. Apple seeds are rolling everywhere. They podcast foreign codes in blips and dial tones. Then the sketch told me a secret... The Deer Kingdom are really secret agents of foreign cabals festering in tents floating above tiger grass, overlooking a patchwork city. Afflicted with crooked postures, they dine on our songs, and the sheep are left with hooks and loops chanting the fall of satellites.

Thursday, December 23, 2004


I get inspired when I eat ramen.

Her left arm will soon be gone. Obviously wasn't thinking. The arm is annoying the piss out of me. Might have to turn it into a bird's wing for comp and symmetry. I think the giant chucks look decent. Somehow I'll find a way to mess it up.

Cream of Chicken Ramen + 2 Eggs = Food of the Gods. Tobasco is optional but a worthy supplement.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Son of Galactus...

exists only in the pages of the astral plane. One day he will do what his dad never did and eat the universe out of joy thinking it's all pancakes and banana sundaes and peanut butter cookies that stay warm, always. He will consume us like junk food. Like Twinkies. Like sugar, we dissolve. Then he'll rest and chill with his nulllifier at his side and puff the universe back into existence.

That thing hovering above his hand is not a pipe. It's the "Ultimate Nullifier v2.o". Everyone knows the Ultimate Nullifier was used by the Fantastic Four to defeat Galactus. I thought everyone knew. You have dirty minds and I like that. Welcome to my nonsense.